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I’ve had a pretty rough week so I needed to post something lighthearted. On Monday our cleaning lady came over and brought her tween daughter with her, saying that her kid wasn’t feeling well and she really didn’t want to leave her at home alone.

I was fine with it since the little hummingbird and I stay out of the way when she comes over. At the same time when our cleaning lady told us she thinks her daughter has some kind of stomach bug, I though oh f*ck. The last thing I need is my 2 year old getting sick.

I’m sure you can guess that now me and my little girl have that effing stomach bug. The poor hummingbird was actually laying down for her nap yesterday and then I heard blood curdling screams from her. I ran into her room and she had puked all over. Oy!

In light of this, let’s look at some hot guys. Yeah, baby!

I think by now my Mark Ruffalo obsession is pretty obvious but I just saw a movie with Ryan Gosling and as dark as it was, it was really freaking incredible and a well acted film. It’s called All Good Things and is based on a true story.

It also has Kirsten Dunst in it and, ahem, she looked really hot she really kicked ass in her role. So, if you’re looking for a movie to watch, give All Good Things a try. Just know it’s not a snuggly and cuddly sweet film.

Maybe it’s just me but when Ryan is shirtless, I pretty much need a bucket to catch the drool.

Oh my!

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It’s getting hot in here, right?

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Hellloooo Mark!

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