I’m a 30 something stay at home mom and unconventional military wife who started this blog in July of 2010 and since, my love of writing has come back to me. I have been married to my husband, “the hubby” or “buttmunch” (his suggestion), for 16 years.

Our beautiful daughter, “the little hummingbird”, was born in April of 2009 and I’m still in awe that we created this amazing person.

In September 2011 I founded the group website Motherhood Uncovered that has a diverse group of 20 women who write about all kinds of topics, some relating to motherhood, some to interests outside of our children.

I’m currently dealing with anxiety that has lead to depression so you might catch me writing about it.

Obviously, I love my husband and my daughter is the biggest love of my life but I usually write about the frustrations of being a wife and mother as well as the times when I feel overwhelmed.

I’m very shy and quiet in real life but here I like to let loose and I don’t take myself seriously. I also tend to overshare.

Just look at some of my rave reviews:

My husband: I just don’t get this whole blogging thing.

My 2 year old daughter: NO!!

Maisy the cat: When are you going to feed me, dammit!

Penny the kitten: Mew Mew!

My husband, again: Can’t you stop writing for a minute so we can eat dinner?!

In the mood for something ranty? My in-laws are coming and I’ve already reserved a spot for myself in the psych ward just in case.

Want to read about my demented mind and what would happen if a Christmas star and my mother-in-law’s bum collided? When You Wish Upon A Star…And It’s Stuck…Up Where?!

My sweet baby girl is going through the terrible twos. Toddler PMS.

When there are times that I want to strangle my husband. When husbands annoy but you can’t strangle them because of dumb laws and When I first got married I thought couples who had seperate bedrooms were crazy. Several years later, I think it’s the best idea ever! and I’m convinced my husband’s brain is wired in such a way that he never feels the need to refill anything, ever.

And just because, What I’ve learned from watching Little House On The Prairie.

To learn more about me go here. If you want to know way too much go here.

This blog is about mommyhood and since my mind scatters about, everything else under the sun. Thanks for taking the time to check out my site!

*All photos and written content are the property of © This Is Mommyhood unless otherwise noted. If used without permission, my cat will come over to your house.

You might think “no big deal” but she likes to lay on top of clean clothes which you then have to lint roll. After that, when you least expect it, she’ll kill you with cuteness. So save yourself the trouble.

Me at 7 years old.

email: elle.mommyhood@gmail.com

The places we’ve lived since my hubby joined the military in 1996.

Athens, GA 7 months

Virginia Beach, VA – 3 years

Fort Worth, TX – 2 years

Seattle, WA – 1 1/2 years (my favorite place to live)

San Diego, CA – 2 years

Northern California – 1 1/2 years

Arlington, VA – 2 years

Bethesda, MD –  1 year (having a little baby takes up A LOT of space so we had to move out of our small place 3 months after the little hummingbird was born)

Northern California – July 2010 to ?

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