Ryan Ann from Live, Laugh, Love, Bake. 7/10/11

This guest post comes from Ryan Ann who lives in Illinois and started her awesome blog Live, Laugh, Love, Bake in January. She shares many different things on her blog and what really caught my attention was her amazing baking skills. One that had me at hello is her white chocolate cake that she made for her friend’s hubby’s birthday. It’s beautiful! Just try to look at this without drooling:

My hubby goes bust a nut crazy every Fall for all things pumpkin and Ryan Ann has a recipe for chocolate chip pumpkin cookies that I know we’ll all love. While I’ve said before that I’m allergic to the kitchen and can’t cook, I do love to bake but with the exception of a few recipes, I usually end up getting something in the refrigerated section of the grocery store and throwing it in the oven.

Honestly though, after reading through her blog, Ryan Ann has helped my fear of the kitchen. I saw a recipe I know my 2-year-old will love, blueberry muffin cookies with vanilla lemon icing, and I came across this step that made me laugh out loud…”add blueberries and GENTLY fold into cookie dough. (Yes, you have to be gentle. You don’t want to break the blueberries. They haven’t done anything to you!)“.

Other posts I love; Fuck Ups Happen & Sock and Underwear Gnomes.

The little hummingbird loves to color and even though I watch her like a hawk, there was a blue crayon vs. our couch incident that looked like a Smurf murder scene and a green crayon vs. all of the hummingbird, including her light pink pants. Washable crayons my ass.

As much as I try to keep track, there seems to be a stray crayon that hides where only my little girl can find it. That’s why I got all giddy when I saw Ryan Ann had a post on how to make chunky crayons in a mini muffin tin. I’m sure there will be future crayon incidents but at least with the chunky crayons, they will hopefully be easier for me to find.

I highly recommend checking out Ryan Ann’s blog and I will now shut up and hand the reigns over to her.


 More Than Just Mom….

I’m the proud mama bear of two really kick ass kiddies, Michael 12 and Lucy 7. I’m the wife (and sometimes it seems, also the mother of) a 34 year old mechanic with a bottomless stomach and an incessant NEED to race on the dirt track every.. single.. Friday.. night.. I am the strong willed daughter of a strong willed mother- (who we LIVE with in my grammie’s old house, need I say more?) I am also a maid, a nurse, a short order cook and waitress, a free taxi service, a psychologist and a referee.

I embrace all of these roles, but have come to realize that there is one title that always gets left in the dust: ME. I was me before I had kids and surely starting a family doesn’t mean that I have to entirely give up my old self, does it? (DOES IT?!?) It is so easy to lose ourselves in the day to day grind that comes with being domesticated. We feel selfish for thinking about ourselves or our own wants and needs.

As someone who hasn’t left the house- other than to go grocery shopping- in 2 months, let me just say this… You know that saying “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy?” While grammatically fucked, it is completely true! I know I can definitely feel my sanity slipping away… Errrr… what’s left of it, anyways.

So, maybe as a statement or perhaps just a reminder to myself, here I am in type:

  • I drink my coffee (LOTS of coffee) black with sugar.
  • I dye my hair often and all shades of the rainbow.
  • I am tattooed and pierced and am quite happy this way.
  • I desperately need to lose weight and am NOT happy this way.
  • I too often allow myself to get treated like a doormat.
  • I have a very dark sense of humor and it’s not my fault if YOU can’t take a joke.
  • My mouth would make a trucker run to confession, but I’m working on that.
  • Good manners are surprisingly important to me.
  • I have HAD IT with this bully issue and my son’s school that does N O T H I N G about it!
  • Screw me once, shame on you. Screw me twice, go to hell.
  • I bake often, and always all from scratch.
  • My family is my L I F E!

With all that said; tonight? I’m getting the hell out of dodge, going out for coffee with some friends where I will enjoy being…. well… ME. And then I will come home, re tuck my kiddies in, kiss their foreheads, wash my face off, go to sleep and wake up feeling renewed and ready to go. Because really, I wouldn’t trade my life for the world.

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