Kid Friendly Recipes

~~~Coming Soon~~~

My daughter is almost 2 1/2 and she is a really picky eater. For instance; my little girl refused to eat the pasta salad that took all morning for me to make (since I’m not much of a cook) but as soon as I got her out of her high chair, she put a cat toy mouse in her mouth and chomped away.

This is the place where I’m going to put the recipes and foods my picky eater likes along with other recipes or ideas that my very kind readers have given to me.

Because my cooking abilities are much to be desired that’s an understatement, the recipes I post will be simple. I also want them to be healthy but like they say, moderation is the key. There will be some yummy treats I’d like to add too. Mamas have to have something to snack on while our kids are throwing tantrums or slamming doors.

If you have any recipes you can leave them or put a link in the comment section. You can also email your ideas to elle dot mommyhood at gmail dot com and I’ll put them up.

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